Be Brave Be Beautiful Be 7th Denim.

Seventh Denim was created from a deep passion and desire to give women and men the chance to feel beautiful again with the opportunity to wear society’s uniform. Jeans. Until now, there have been no go to options for those that have undergone surgery when it comes to a functional yet fashionable designer denim jean that is comfortable.

My mission was clear, having experienced body changing surgery that denied my instant right to put on a pair of jeans I was determined and inspired to create a stylish, high quality denim jean which includes second skin technology.

Made in Britain from luxurious denim these designer jeans are unique. Giving back the freedom of get dressed and go, of celebrating the body and standing out in the best way possible.These jeans are not just made for comfort; they are made for confidence.

Seventh Denim represents the beauty in the survivor and the bravery to look outstanding in what we love. JEANS


Sophie Cooper – Founder and creator of Seventh Denim